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Various membership options


Our wood club offers 2 sessions a week for a total of 32 shop working hours per month. 


The club aims to allow more access to the woodshop with supervised attention by a woodshop specialist.


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  Fees:  (VAT free)

  • 650 sek/month for 4 sessions/month 

  • 800 sek / month for 8 sessions/month,     (650 sek/month for legacy members)

  • 4 080 sek - 6 month membership for 8 sessions/month

  • 6 630 sek - 12 month membership with 8 sessions /month

  • Hibernation mode available for 2 months out of the year (1 per every 6 months) for 250sek/month

  • Community Builds is is a ideell förening (non-profit), and all proceeds are used to cover the shop expenses including rent, tool repair and replacement

  • ​Membership approval is based on the ability to work safely and independently in the shop. Extra woodworking courses may be required to join

ReFab Lab in Heleneholm, Malmö is hosting non-profit Community Builds for FREE wood craft workshops during Sportlov week 8 from 12:00 - 15:00 daily.


Children aged 8-11 will explore the creative use of found objects and material repurposing through daily wood craft activities. The blend of fun and educational elements in teaching children about the significance of material reuse makes this an enriching opportunity.

Space is limited for 6 children per session. Register your child by signing up for a single, multiple days or full week.

Project leaders are fluent in both Swedish and English.

We had a great event during the week of Sportlov in Malmö. It was so successful, we plan on holding more in the future! 

Reserve your spot to be notified first when we announce our next events!


Below you can check out some of the projects made only by kids during our event

Thank you for all who attended Stanna Skapa!

Sponsored by Åke Wibergs Stiftelse

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